Hugh Jackman and partner John Palermo's production company have worked out a first look deal with 20th Century Fox for the David Benioff (25th Hour) scripted X-Men spin-off movie, Wolverine. A first look deal doesn't guarantee a greenlight, but since Jackson has a producing interest which guarantees that he'll be attached to star, it would be the equivalent of Fox throwing away lots of money if they didn't go into production. The film would be scheduled to go into production after X3, which may also pose as another obstacle with Ratner signed on as a director. So hopefully he won't mess up one of the greatest storylines in comic book history (The Phoenix saga) so that the X-men franchise can expand. Now the question is, who should direct and what storyline should they go with? I say bring on Requiem for a Dream's Darren Aronofsky to do the Weapon X storyline.
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