Last night AFI held a black-tie dinner to honor George Lucas with a Lifetime Achievement Award. A lot of good fun was had at his expense:

  • Harrison Ford complained that he was never Lucas' first choice for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars: "When he was casting I couldn't even get a meeting." He complained that the same thing happened when Lucas was casting for the Indiana Jones role in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Carrie Fisher told the audience: "Hi. I am Mrs. Han Solo and I am an alcoholic because George Lucas ruined by life... George Lucas is a sadist, but like any other young girl in a metal suit chained to a metal creature, I keep coming back for more." Then she told Lucas,  "I hope I slept with you to get that job, because if not, who the hell was that guy."
  • William Shatner, who plays Captin Kirk in Star Trek made a cameo with a musical number called, "From One Star Voyager To Another." He performed a variation of "My Way," telling Lucas "You did it your way" while dancers in stormtrooper costumes did a chorus line routine. "Live long," Shatner told Lucas. "You've already prospered enough."
  • Lucas even joined in on the fun while accepting the award. He joked that he started out not being able to write a word, but became "the king of wooden dialogue."
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