This past week Microsoft sent actors dressed as Master Chief from the Halo video games to hand deliver the Halo movie script to all the studios. Microsoft demanded 10 million for the script and most the studios laughed at the lame publicity attempt. Variety says that Alex Garland's script was "met with a lukewarm, underwhelming response from DreamWorks, New Line, Warner Bros. and most other studios that read it."

Now it looks like Fox and Universal will partner to split the costs of production. Microsoft's demands for a $10 million upfront payday and 15% of the gross are now down to $5 million. Microsoft planned on starting production by January, but are now promising the film will hit theaters by 2007 at the latest.

Even going home with only half the demanded price and being laughed at by most of Hollywood, Microsoft may have come up more on top than if they had taken the traditional routes.
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