Welcome to Script Sales. Here's where you'll be able to hear about new projects just bought, pitched or greenlit. Now you can know what's going on years before the movies hit the theaters....
  • Regency Enterprises bought All Lit Up based on a pitch by writers Matt Corman and Chris Ord. The comedy ensues when a spat develops between two neighbors during Christmas. Corduroy Films’ Michael Costigan will produce. Sounds like another uneeded Christmas comedy. I'll stay home and watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story.
  • Liquid Measure announced New Orleans Apathy, a drama by writer Jeff Venables. When an upright Southern family takes in a troublemaking street kid, he forces them to face that all things, including themselves, are not what they seem. The movie will be filmed on a low budget in New Orleans. Zack Ward, Matt Benton and Earl Shank will produce. Adam Cook will direct.
  • DreamWorks bought Extra! Extra!, a romantic comedy script based on an idea by Robert Kosberg. The details are under wraps so we have no idea what this one is about. What we do know is Bruce Almighty 2 scribes Bobby Florsheim and Josh Stolberg. wrote the script and Kosberg will produce.
  • New Line Cinema bought the rights to We3, a DC comic book written by Grant Morrison. Three household pets are stolen by the government and turned into armor-suited killers by a clandestine military program. The lethal trio of pets escape just prior to being "decommissioned" and decide to find their way home with the government in hot pursuit. Susan Montford, Rick Benattar and AngryFilms’ Don Murphy will produce the comedy.  New Line is in negotiations with author Morrison to write the screenplay as well. Having comic book writers adapt their own material is great news for comic book fans as Hollywood screenwriters usually don't understand the comics they adapt which... well.. is unfourtunate.
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