I'm not sure if you've seen Darth Tater, but chances are you probably haven't unless you've seen him online. I have friends at toy stores, and they tell me everytime they get a shipment the toy sells out within hours. It's probably the most popular Star Wars toy of this wave. Well, after the "mashing" success of Darth Tater, Playskool decided to give the Dark Lord of the Spud some company with its latest creation - Playskool's Galactic Potato: Spudtrooper.

According to the Star Wars Shop, SpudTroopers have the task of maintaining order in the potato galaxy under the root of all evil, Dart Tater. To that end, SpudTrooper comes with a mask, a potato masher, a set of teeth, a nose, a set of ears and eyes, a potato body, a pair of shoes, and two arms.

He's due to ship in September, I know I've already placed my preorder....
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