For the last couple years most of the writing I've been doing was in screenplay form. So when I was hired by Cinematical back in February, I found myself faced with various formatting problems. The first week I must have gotten at least three separate e-mails from Jason and Karina telling me that blogs only have a single space after a sentence.

See, in the screenwriting game you're using 12 point courier font which forces you to double space after each period. So now a few months have gone by and I'm back at the desk trying to script in Final Draft but find myself single spacing after periods. And every screenwriter knows that if a Hollywood exec picks up a script that's single spaced it's going right in the circular file (...screenwriting humor).

So when I saw screenwriter John August (GO, Charlies Angeles, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) post about this subject on his blog, I immediately connected. August shows an easy fix to the problem which definitely helped me out. So I'm passing this along to any screenwriters reading out there - if you're not reading August's Blog, you should be.
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