I love sneak preview screenings. You get to see a movie before it comes out, sometimes get some cool swag, and see it for free with an excited audience. Well, we're going to reward you for reading Cinematical with chances to see a couple flicks free before they hit theaters:
  • Land of the Dead: You can enter once per day, and the contest ends June 13th. On the website you can choose from the following screening venues or enter to win a Prize Package of movie gear. Screenings: Albany, NY - Mid June, Albuquerque, NM - Tuesday, June 21, Buffalo, NY - Mid June, Phoenix, AZ - Tuesday, June 21, Rochester, NY - Mid June, Syracuse, NY - Mid June.
  • All Souls Day: To attend the screening in Los Anfeles, you must RSVP to: cfqscreenings@aol.com or call (310) 204-2029 x220.
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