George Lucas used to make Star Wars for a living. Now, he's making it to stay alive. Forcery is a spoof of Rob Reiner's adaptation of Stephen King's Misery. George Lucas is returning to Skywalker Ranch with the Episode III script when he crashes in a Colorado blizzard. Fortunately he's rescued by his "number one fan" Frannie Filks... and then things go horribly wrong. It's the Flanneled One against the Obsessed Fan in a savage and funny game of cat and mouse.

The more in jokes you get, the funnier the short is. Even the Castle Rock Production intro spoof with the death star behind the light house is spot on. Sure the actor doesn't look much like George Lucas, but in fan films we can dispend our disbelief when it comes to such big things as looks, sound, special effects and acting. Forcery is the movie that proves Star Wars fans can have that sequel trilogy after all, with a little luck and a heavy sledgehammer.

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