In the course of meditating on Angelina Jolie's stardom for Salon, Allen Barra recalls an afternoon spent with Pauline Kael not long before the great critic died. The location was Kael's home in the Berkshires, and the topic of conversation was Ms. Jolie. Although Kael wasn't exactly a fan of Girl, Interrupted, the film for which Jolie won an Oscar (and who was?), she could certainly appreciate the way Angelina plowed through it, picking off her feminine co-stars one-by-one like beads of sweater lint. "Those poor actresses," said Pauline. "She's absolutely fearless in front of a camera. This girl would scare the crap out of Jack Nicholson in [One Flew Over the] Cuckoo's Nest." After watching Gia, Kael paid Jolie just about the biggest compliment she had to give: "My God ... this girl could play both the Brando and Maria Schneider roles in Last Tango! Where in the world did she come from?"
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