It's not a surprise that Mr. and Mrs. Smith did well this weekend. It's not a surprise that Doug Liman's violence-as-sex star fest opened at number one. But the fact that it made almost $15,000 per screen in a huge release - yeah, that's a little surprising.

So: $51 million, goes the studio estimate. That's brutally far ahead of the number two film, Madagascar, which raked in $17.1 million in its third week. On 500 more screens that Smith, the Dreamworks family film didn't crack a third of the champion's PSA. But those lovable talking animals are doing great compared to some of the other also-rans litering the marketplace. Wotd of mouth must be awful on Cinderella Man and Lords of Dogtown; the former fell off 48% to land in sixth place, and the scrappy skater movie dropped a whopping 68%, falling out of the top ten in only its second week.

For the second straight frame, most of the week's new releases failed to make much of an impact. Paramount's Honeymooners feature opened in 7th place with $5.8 million, and French horror import High Tension dubbed its way into 12th place with just under $2 million. The abysmally reviewed Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl barely cracked the top 5 with $12.5 million; considering the thing is already courting lawsuits, I imagine Robert Rodriguez needs to lock himself in the garage and have a serious think.

Full set of numbers after the proverbial jump.