Project OrangeLast month I talked a little bit about The Fragmented Film project, and their plan to compile tons of short homemade movie clips from different people across the world to be edited together to make "one of the most interesting movies known to man." Well now there's Project Oragne, The Open Movie Project. The Blender Foundation and the Netherlands Media Art Institute,  Montevideo/Time Based Arts, have agreed on producing a 3D Animated Movie Short, to be created with the Open Source 3D software suite Blender and other open source tools such as Yafray, Python, Verse, Gimp, and Cinepaint. So not only will the project be realized with Open Source Software, but also the resulting movie  will be published under an open public license. The production will take place from September 2005 - March 2006, for a maximum duration of six months. But they can't make the movie without YOU. So they have an open call for artists, developers, sponsors and software support.

This is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how the final product will turn out. Like the old saying says... Too many cooks can ruin the soup.  still look forward to the result and encourage anyone who is interested to help in their effort.
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