Tom Cruise. No pic of Lee Ann available. Hmm...I tried to work for my rich brother once. Very bad idea. He gave me a credit card for errands, I mysteriously came home with tankards of pinot grigio. He wanted discretion, I chatted up the details of his sex-life with his ex. Maybe Tom Cruise could learn a bit from my brother: he fired me after only a few weeks, whereas Cruise has turned a seemingly blind eye to the PR-disaster he is since his sister Lee Anne Mapother De Vette (what, no name change for your sister, Thomas?) let loose the reigns Creative Artists Agency used to hold so tight. Brad Pitt's got everything under control: the Jolie thing, the caring conversations on Primetime Live, the PR agent who's not related to him. More proof, I offer to you, that the sister who used to make fun of you when you wet the bed as a child is not your best representative once you're a Hollywood star.
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