Welcome to Script Sales. Here's where you'll be able to hear about new projects just bought, pitched or greenlit. Now you can know what's going on years before the movies hit the theaters....
  • Warner Bros. Pictures bought Stolen Season, which was pitched based on a true story. In 1963, a thirteen year old baseball player falls under the spell of his fantastic coach John Jennings while playing on a Southern California Pony League baseball team. By the time the summer was over, Coach Jennings had robbed a string of 20 banks up and down the California coast, using the team's travel as cover. John Raffo (The Relic) will get mid-six figured for writing the sports drama. Johnny Knoxville is in negotiations to star. Sounds like a good story.
  • New Line Cinema bought the rewrite of the romantic comedy script Quiet Type. The story follows a mute from a small town who moves to New York to pursue his dreams of conducting an orchestra. Richard LaGravenese (Horse Wisperer, Fisher King) rewrote the 2002 spec script written by 40 Days and 40 Nights writer Rob Perez. Tobey Maguire will star and produce.  Sounds like there are some talented people attached to this one.
  • New Line Cinema also greenlit a rewrite of Darksiders, about a band of vampires who become special operatives for the FBI. The original script was written by Tom Parker and Jim Jennewein, and rewritten by Punisher screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh. Graham/Rosenzweig’s Tracie Graham and Alison Rosenzweig will produce, with Hensleigh also attached to direct. I walked out of The Punisher and got my money back, so chances of me seeing this guy's second effort are pretty damn slim.
  • Columbia Pictures greenlit Billy Grimm, a script about the first Grimm Reaper with a heart. Television writers Brad Peyton and Karen Walton wrote the romantic comedy. Mosaic Media’s Jimmy Miller will produce. Brad Peyton, who has helmed such classics as Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl, is attached to direct. I'll skip it.
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