• It'll take a total of six months from the film's theatrical release, but Fox plans to push Robots out on DVD and PSP simultaneously in September. It'll be the company's first dual-format, simultaneous release.
  • Union members protested the gala opening of the IFC Center in Greenwich Village Thursday night, in reaction to the new facility's decision to hire non-union projectionists. A flyer passed out at the scene accused the center of "tarnishing the century-old working principle of this neighborhood."
  • Johnny Knoxville is interested in starring in Stolen Summer Stolen Season, which is *not* a Project Greenlight film, but is instead based on "the real-life childhood of former Baltimore Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey, who fell under the spell of charismatic coach John Jennings when he was 13". One imagines it'll be quite different from another film about a boy who fell under the spell of a charismatic coach...
  • Old School director Todd Phillips has signed on to The Dogs of Babel, about a linguistics professor who starts talking to his dog after his wife dies. We can only hope the dog has the good sense not to talk back.
  • The Weinsteins will distribute Lucky Number Slevin, starring Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett and directed by Paul McGuigan.
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