• Tom CruiseBig interview with Tom Cruise and a feature on War of the Worlds. Did you know he's dating Katie Holmes? Here's his quote about people who don't like his antics and his enthusiasm: "Some people don't like to see each other happy. If they don't like it, %$#@ them." Actually, he said "@#*!! them." Don't want to misquote. 
  • A neat little roundup titled "Return of the Sequel." Not just what's coming up this year but also where other sequels stand (MI:3, Indiana Jones 4, Spiderman 3, Rush Hour 3, and Harry Potter 4 and 5).
  • Critic Lisa Schwarzbaum picks her favorite movie acting by a singer and vice versa.
  • A tribute to Anne Bancroft.
  • Greg Nicotero can tell you "How To Make A Zombie," a guide to creating film monsters and gore.
  • Oh, more Cruise: in a poll, 41% said they don't plan to see War of the Worlds. Liars. 
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