Most Star Wars fans haven't had the privilege of watching George Lucas' saga unfold in its intended order; by the time The Phantom Menace, et al came around, the intricate details of Episodes 4, 5 and 6 were already burned into your brains. Now, in what seems almost like an anthrological experiment, one Star Wars fan has blogged some of the many questions voiced by his six-year-old son, a prequel devotee, opon recently watching Episode 4 for the first time. Some of these questions are answerable - for "Look... Obi-Wan is pretending he doesn't know R2-D2", said blogger has dutifully sketched out a lengthy answer - but others are more philosophical. For instance: "So, does this mean that R2-D2 is really the main character in Star Wars?" Well, does it? [via BoingBoing]

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