X-Men 3 is rushing to production with Brett Ratner at the helm, and this is most likely a bad thing. AICN has a first look at the script and Harry seems to have implied that he feels this is an unmitigated disaster. The movie begins with the mutant who will later become Angel, trying to cut himself. But unlike the normal teenager who does it to alleviate pain by causing pain, he’s actually trying to cut the mutant right out of his body; he’s trying to cut off his wings. We flashback to a time when Xavier and a young Erik Lensherr (Magneto) were friends, visiting 13 year old Jean Grey's parents to have a chat about their mutant daughter. And a blue creature invading the White House? "But here we see what is both one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of this script as a whole. The parallels to the first two films don’t go away. In fact, we see more of the exact same."

The plot consists mainly of Worthington Sr.’s plan to de-mutant the collective homo sapien superiors of the world by injecting them with a blue glowing de-mutant serum. So no, there's no Apocalypse, no Sentinels. But we do get Angel, Beast, Juggernaut and Gambit (in nothing more than a cameo). Magneto destroys the Golden Gate Bridge in order to build a new bridge for he and the escaped muties to flee from Alcatraz Island. Rogue contemplates taking the "cure" so that she can touch Ice Man, who has begun flirting with Kitty Pride due to the lack on intimacy. There's more, lots more, but I refuse to spoil it for myself. Doesn't sound good or bad so far but you can read the whole review at the link below.
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