• Mark Hamill tells Shadow Chronicles News that there is renewed interest in The Black Pearl due to the success of comic book movies: "The sort of paradox is that it's the anti-comic book movie. It's why there can't be a Batman, why putting on an outfit and being a costumed avenger is, in the real world, something that would get you arrested."
  • Target will sell the $900 Darth Vader Episode III Replica Helmet starting in November. This fiberglass cast replica comes with a display stand and plaque and according to the description "is molded from the same CAD-generated master pattern used for Revenge of the Sith." One things for sure - it's out of my price range.
  • SuperHeroHype has an interesting interview with Christian Bale where he acknowledges Batman vs. Superman but says "I think that would be a ways down track."
  • Sony Pictures has posted the international release dates for Ghost Rider, which opens in North America on August 4, 2006.
  • John Schneider and Margot Kidder spoke about their respective Smallville characters at the 2005 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL this weekend.
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