• A Dirty Shame: Johnny Knoxville's got a giant tongue, Selma Blair's got a giant rack. Has John Waters returned to form, or is he digging himself deeper down into the same old grave? Is there a difference between the two? That's for you to decide.
  • Hitch: The only certifiable blockbuster of the Spring has Will Smith teaching Kevin James how to score - even though he can't quite get his own love life together. Awww. How much you want to bet everybody learns a couple of things about life, love and happiness along the way?
  • The Nomi Song: The cabaret star documentary gets a deluxe DVD, complete with extended interviews and musical numbers.
  • Au Hazard Balthazar: A deeply religious ode to a girl and her donkey. Is it Robert Bresson's masterpiece? Well, I like it better than Pickpocket. It's slow, slow, slow, but worth the effort. Plus, this Criterion edition includes a discussion between Bresson, Godard, and Louis Malle that sounds worth a Netflix alone.
  • Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition: The original shark tale comes packed with features designed to never let you forget why you were afraid to go back in the water.
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