With privacy-obliterating features like "Stars - They're Just Like US!!!", US Weekly is one tabloid that's been proudly part of the paparazzi problem for some time now. Now they claim they're trying to be part of the solution: the beast that Janice Min edits is "'formalizing' existing guidelines to ban pictures taken by photographers who 'violated traffic laws, trespassed on private property or invaded the privacy of children at school'" in order to get the shot. The stars, for their part, are golf-clapping away at this one. "I'm so happy that US Weekly is taking a step in this direction," Jennifer Garner told the New York Times. "Who knows, maybe their actions will save a life." But how does the rag plan to enforce these guidelines? And what do you do about those great cake-and-eating-it-too moments, like when they did that whole spread about how photographers blocked Reese Witherspoon's car so she couldn't leave the gym?  Maybe we should start a paparazzi watchdog blog - no, screw that, maybe we should sic paparazzi on paparazzi! What do you think?
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