Michael Jackson's child molestation trial has come to an end (you saw Bob's live blog, didn't you? Uh-huh), but his problems are by no means over. The defrocked King of Pop lasvish lifestyle (and legal bills) have rendered him cash poor, if asset rich. One of those assets is his stake in Sony/ATV, a partnership that owns the rights to the entire Beatles catalogue. Various sources have been whispering that Jackson may sell part or all of that stake to pay his bills. But this might not be the right time to unload - Julie Taymor's Beatles-based musical All You Need is Love starts shooting this summer, and with rights to a song like Hey Jude going for as much as $500,000, a great deal of money may soon be coming in. Tom Sherak, whose Revolution Studios is producing Love, confirmed that a deal has been struck for the use of 30 songs; chances are that means a good chunk of change for MJ, even at package-prices.
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