So it appears that Netflix has started selling off dead inventory. They're not making a big deal out of it; as spokesman Steve Swasey told Variety, "We're doing it as a value-added for members, and it's a way to move some inventory that isn't in much demand." And the program, in its current incarnation, has a definite feel of, "let's throw some spaghetti at the wall, and no big whoop if it doesn't stick." You can't search for titles for sale the way you search for titles to rent - there's just one page, of about 25 titles, most fairly recent, middlebrow releases. As of yet, the program doesn't seem too appealing. Most titles run about $9.99, which is a fine price, but there's no real mystery as to why they're trying to get rid of this stuff. I mean, are you shocked that rental demand on Without a Paddle hasn't exactly been through the roof? None of the ten movies on *my* queue are for sale (what? So I'm a snob. You knew that).
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