• Uh-oh. Disney is trying to cast Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep in Diane English's family comedy First Man, about a mogul who quits his job to mount a presidential campaign for his wife, and then finds himself hilariously emascualted when she actually wins. Worst of all, it'll push back the remake of The Women, which English is also set to direct.
  • Vin Diesel will star in and executive produce Hitman, a Fox feature based on the interactive video game of the same name. That'll make two major videogame-based deals for Fox this month, if they join Universal in acquiring Halo as is expected.
  • Warner Brothers has bought film rights to an as-yet-un-published novel by Doug Stumpf called Confessions of a Wall Street Shoe-shine Boy, about, well, a Wall Street shoe-shine boy, and the confessions thereof.
  • Sam Raimiwill produceMonkey's Paw - a film I swear has already been made at least three times - about a "father who brings home an artifact rumored to make any wish come true, but misfortune begins to befall the family with every desire granted."
  • A trial date has been set in Roy E. Disney's case against Disney over the promotion of Robert Iger to CEO - the case will go before a judge, but no jury, starting August 10.
  • Back when he reviewed it on June 3, Todd McCarthy warned that Batman Begins was "too dark and talky to appeal to kids and won't inspire much repeat viewing, which casts sought-after blockbuster B.O in some doubt." We'll see about that - the film opened this morning at 12:01. 
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