Police Beat

Police Beat isn't your typical cop movie, not by a long shot. There are no prolonged gun battles, no drawn out car chases. There is a drugged-out hooker, an abandoned baby, a cop heading down the path of self-destruction, and lots of bizarre crimes, but all these things are peripheral to the driving theme of the story: love.

Yes, you heard me right. Love. Not what one might expect from a movie called Police Beat, based on a column from an alternative newsweekly that chronicles the bizarrest of the bizarre crimes that happen in Seattle in any given week. Nonetheless, screenwriter Charles Mudede and director Robinson Devor have crafted a truly unique and artistic jewel, filmed amid over 100 locations in the emerald setting of Seattle. In Police Beat, the crimes themselves are little more than funhouse mirrors, reflecting the distraught state of the protagonist as he imagines his girlfriend's unfaithfulness.

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