There are a bunch of Chicken Littles out there in entertainment reportage land, who have been running around proclaiming that the Hollywood sky is, like, totally about to fall on their heads. And, you know, it could be - but that doesn't mean we can't hold the most hyperbolic little chickens up to the light for a little scrutiny. So whereas the title for this sporadic new feature might seem to stem from one New York Times reporter with the first name of Sharon, trust us - no one with a "movies are over" drum to beat, from well-meaning reporters to idiot rumormongers, is totally safe.

It always startles me, the things Sharon Waxman is able to type with a seemingly straight face. In writing of a meeting held in Universal City yesterday, designed to brainstorm possible reasons for Cinderella Man's thus-far unspectacular performance, Waxman seems entirely serious about reassuring us that the associated executives "did not see any serious damage from the phone-throwing antics that led to [Russell] Crowe's arrest in New York shortly after his film's release." Phew. Consider that elephant tackled!

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