James Earl JonesYes, yes, he's not dead yet, I know. But just recently I was trying to explain to someone (someone who happens to be so completely removed from pop culture she's never even seen Star Wars, for chrissakes) who James Earl Jones is, and I realized that the only way I could describe him was by doing a poor imitation of his voice, and then rehashing that awesome Simpsons episode where he appears in the sky as Lisa's saxophone friend, and then poofs in as the CNN voice and the Darth Vader voice. Ha ha...oh, good stuff! Anyway, she still didn't get it, so then my friend Brandy and I tried to think of some films he's been in that aren't B-listers (he's credited as being the Voice of Retribution in the 1988 film Terrorgram). Hmm... Well, we didn't come up with anything. James Earl Jones: the man's got a voice, but that's about all. So, I propose we get a new James Earl Jones. Someone with appropriate tonal gravitas, but maybe with some acting chops to boot. My pick is 24 star/Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert. Who's your pick?
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