Now that all of the prequels have been let out into the world, Lucasfilm is going to renegotiate broadcast rights on all six Star Wars films. To that end, George Lucas has apparently sent a letter to broadcast and cable networks, as Variety puts it, "inviting them to start doing the math on how much they may be willing to spend to obtain the rights to the most lucrative franchise in movie history." That's, uh, quite an invitation. Not surprisingly, the licsense fees would run pretty low for Episodes 4-6, which have been aired extensively since, like, the dawn of basic cable time. Broadcast rights on the prequels will go for considerably more. Though the as-yet-unseen-on-TV Sith will no doubt inspire the most contested bidding war, whoever snatches it up will have to be patient - it's locked in a deal with HBO until 2008.
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