• This might end speculation that Shoot-Em-Up is a fakeout: Julianne Moore is signing on to Clive Owen's other upcoming project, Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men.
  • Bob n' Harvey are recruiting three more Miramax staffers for their new company: Colin Vaines will take on the role of Executive VP of European Production/Development; Tim Clawson, Executive VP of Physical and Post-Production, and Irwin Reiter will become an Executive VP of Accounting and Financial Reporting.
  • Hiroshi Nakata and Peter Levin are launching Bellrock Media, a "producer and investor in new-media content designed for delivery via mobile and broadband platforms." Investors include Intel, and movie ticket vendor Fandango.
  • Christopher Walken was honored yesterday with the Marquee Award for Lifetime Acheivement at the CineVegas Film Festival. In response to a question from discussion moderator Elvis Mitchell, Walken said, "Actors always talk about the same thing [on set] -- girls, restaurants and movies."
  • Stacy Carlson, the MPAA's executive VP of global government affairs, has quit her job after less than a year. Though ostensibly a Republican, Carlson's exit is seen as a move to placate  GOP leaders who are dissapointed with the way the lobbying organization is currently performing.
  • Chinese director Feng Xiaogong is planning a big-budget, martial-arts infused adaptation of Hamlet. Called Banquet, the film will employ the award-winning action choreography team from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
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