Indie director Kevin Smith thinks open season on actor and friend Ben Affleck will come to an end with the upcoming George Reeves biopic - Truth, Justice and the American Way. Smith calls it "a perfect comeback vehicle" comparing it to John Travolta's role in Pulp Fiction.

"It’s Ben Affleck, a guy whose career has been troubled over the last year, playing George Reeves, a guy who’s career had been troubled for many years prior to his death," Smith told UK Uncut Magazine. "It’s a perfect role for him, and he’s not the lead – the movie’s really about the guy investigating Reeves’ death [played by Adrien Brody], so Affleck doesn’t have to carry the whole fucking thing. It’s a perfect comeback vehicle and we know this because we have Pulp Fiction as the model - this is the Travolta role from Pulp Fiction."

I know I'm a big Affleck fanboy (oh I can see all those angry comments already) who thinks he isn't getting his due. All the J-Lo/Gigli stuff aside (we're past that right?), do you think Affleck can make a come back? If not in front of the camera, how about behind the camera?
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