Doc saw War of the Worlds at the German premiere and loved it, calling it a "fantastic movie." In the world's first review of the movie, Doc says that the movie shares certain elements and the overall plot with HG Well's classic, but for the most part is original. The movie is a "very intimate story about survival", following Ray (played by Tom Cruise) and his two kids as they fight to get out of the way of destruction. Doc warns, those who hope to see huge scale destruction will be disappointed.

"The action doesn't really get any bigger than what you have already seen in the trailers. It is told through the eyes of a small family, and the only action we see is what they see. No swooping helicopter shots of destruction and pulverised landmarks."

Doc praises the acting saying you really care about the characters. None of the special effects look like "too much CG." You can read the full review at the link below.
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