I think, when I first saw Jacques Audiard's The Beat That My Heart Skipped earlier this spring at Tribeca, that I made the mistake of writing it off as a well-made genre film. I'm so glad I had a chance to see it again last night, because now I understand that it's not genre-bound at all, and that's most of what's great about it. If anything, it's a coming-of-age story cast in French neo-noir clothing. A vague remake of James Toback's Fingers, Beat stars Romain Duris as a professional thug whose life does a revolution when he rediscovers his passion for music. It's a bit unfair for me to "review" the trailer of a film I've seen to completion twice, but this one certainly does its job - it makes me want to stand in line for screening #3. Best of all, it makes really great use of one of the film's key source cues, the gorgeous "Monkey 23" by The Kills. I'm so glad David at GreenCine pointed this one out. I'll have a full review of the film up shortly before its release on July 1.