You see a girl and you like the looks of her. You find out a bit about her - like you, she's Jewish, she's travelled extensively, and went to school in Connecticut. You have a feeling that you and this girl would be really good together. There's only one problem...

She's Natalie freakin' Portman.

Date Me, Natalie! is the work of 19-year-old Andy Goldfarb, a college sophomore with a crush and a dream. It's his internet plea for just one date with the Revenge of the Sith beauty; he insists that he's "not asking to marry her", but just wants "a chance to explore [their] compatibility, to see if we're a good match." It's also, at least in part, an experiment in meme building, and half the fun must lie in just watching the meme spread: in less than a month, Goldfarb's already been interviewed on G4 and LA's KROQ.

Could this actually work? Regardless of the whether or not Natalie takes the bait, it seems like if she even finds out about the site, that's some kind of victory in itself. People launch seductions over the internet everyday, but to my knowledge Goldfarb is the first admittedly "dorky" college student to mobilize the net in a balls-out campaign to win a date with a major celebrity. So, what do you think? Is this creepy or is it cute? Does this guy have a chance?
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