Kiefer SutherlandBob Sassone reports over at our brother site TVSquad, that a big screen version of the hit Fox television show 24 is in the works. But don't get too excited, they don't yet have a script, nevermind a director or start date. But CANOE reports that the film is in the planning stages.

"The last I heard, the first hour will not be in real-time," says24 director/exec producer Jon Cassar, "but then something big will happen and real time will kick in. It still has to be worked out -- it's at a stage where they need to write it."

Thw show is like a 24 hour long movie so I'm wondering how the movie will work out. I'm betting they'll be a lot more action, explotions and expense due to a bigger budget. I can't wait.

And the clock ticks down...

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