After 2004's big documentary successes I guess it was inevitable there would be a mass of followers. After all, if there's one thing Hollywood does well it's turn a little bit of success into a lot of mediocrity. So among billowing capes and alien invaders 2005 is going to see a lot of documentaries on topics such as ghetto performance artists (Rize), grade school ballroom dancers (Mad Hot Ballroom) and marching penguins (March of the Penguins).

I wonder how successful these movies will actually be. None of them are exactly hot-topic issues like Farenheit 9/11 or Super Size Me. I get the sense there will be a lot of people who say they "want" to see these movies out of a sense of importance.  Since none of these are really populist agenda advancers though I don't think they'll have the popularity to break out of the art houses in major cities and into suburban google-plexes.

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