Faster than a speeding - oh, wait, not like that. Actually, it's not even happening that quickly, so scrap that metaphor all together. Here's what we know: Batman Begins made $15 million on Wednesday. Which is okay. For a Wednesday. It's not spectacular, but it's not exactly a disapointment. Reuters points out that whilst it didn't match the Wednesday opening records of films like Spiderman 2, it's to be expected that Batman would have trouble competing with "sequels to major hits with loyal fans." Which seems like a silly argument, because Batman Begins might as well be a sequel, and it certainly had a built-in audience. Anyway - the gist of it is, it's too soon to tell whether or not Batman can "save" Hollywood from the 16-week box office drought.

But I'm getting extremely tired of these stories that report on the situation as if North American exhibitors were a gaggle of peasants, living on top of each other like cockroaches and driven mad by famine and pestilence, just waiting for some blockbuster god to descend with rice and water and penicilin. Because, really - if things have gotten that bad, one movie isn't going to make much difference.