Star Wars producer Rick McCallum revealed the details of Star Wars television series at a Japanese press conference yesterday. Apparently the story will take place in a 20 year span between Episode 3 and Episode 4. McCallum said it will depict how characters end up being together, but wouldn't mention who. But he did mention it will depict how Luke grows up. This doesn't sound right to me though, there's not much interesting in that. Why not show Darth Vader's Empire taking over the galaxy and the few remaining Jedi's fight to stay alive? Who cares about a farmer's kid when he's not going out on space adventures?

George Lucas will apparently start working on the series as soon as he finishes Indiana Jones 4., he said. The production will start next year, and the whole series will be about 100 hour long episoders.

McCallum also mentioned the 3-D versions of all six Star Wars movies should hit theaters “within two to three years."
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