Chuck Palahniuk is without a doubt my favorite author. For those who don't know him, he was the author genius behind Fight Club, as well as many other dark humored books which have yet to hit the screen. Here's an update from a book reading in Toronto:

Survivor has been picked up by the same creative team that was responsible for Constantine. The audience sighed collectively when he said this to which he quipped: "They had the nicest cheque! Geez!"

A script for Choke has been written and is ready for production. Palahniuk said he's "very pleased with the script and liked it a lot." Apparently it's being developed by the same producers responsible for Requiem for a Dream and I Heart Huckabees. I've compared the producer lists for both films, and have found no connections.

Palahniuk seemed to be the most enthusiastic about the adaptation of Diary. Apparently, Palahniuk heard David Fincher was in negotiations to direct it in an HBO miniseries form. I know Palahniuk and Fincher still talk, so I'm sure he probably heard this from the director himself.

I know I can't wait for Survivor. If you haven't read the book, go out and buy or steal a copy today.
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