DVD Times reports that the first four Batman movies (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin) will be released in special editions this October to capitalize on the release of Batman Begins. The Region 2 release date is listed as being October 3rd, so I imagine it'd probably be the same date in the US. But we do know that Batman Begins will hit store shelves on October 24. I think it'd be smarter if Warner Brothers released the older films on the same day, but we'll see. The new and improved DVD's will include new transfers, newly-recorded commentaries with Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher, old and new featurettes, trailers, and new footage. Batman Forever is rumoured to be a director's cut, clocking in at close to two and a half hours. The Batman films have been previously available on DVD but having been released in the early days of DVD, they feature little to no special features. The new DVD's will be available on their own, or in a Batman Legacy box set.
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