Of all the good films I saw during SIFF, Forgiveness, directed by Ian Gabriel, was my favorite. This powerful South African political drama, about the impact of the fight against apartheid on one family, ripped me to the very core with its raw emotion and well-developed themes of forgiveness and redemption.

The film revolves around Tertius Coutzee (Arnold Vosloo), a former police officer carrying a heavy weight of guilt for his role in the murder of a young freedom fighter during the struggle to end apartheid. Haunted and consumed by guilt, Coutzee has come to the small fishing village of Paternoster, seeking the forgiveness of the family of the boy he killed ten years ago. Coutzee received amnesty by the South African "Truth Commision" for his role in Daniel's death, but he has been unable to find redemption for himself in the aftermath of apartheid. 

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