• "In today's skittish atmosphere, it takes a certain courage - or foolhardiness- to make a film that might be seen as endorsing terrorism, or at the very least, bomb-fueled anarchy." Sarah Lyall has a report - with pictures - from the London set of the Wachowski's V For Vendetta.
  • Miranda July says she hasn't had a day job since she was 23. Me and 700 other girls in Brooklyn with film degrees and similar haircuts are jealous as hell.
  • How do you program midnight movies in an age when just about anything worth trekking out after 11pm for is available on DVD? Think '80s.
  • The Film Society at Lincoln Center is giving Louis Malle a retrospective. Terrence Rafferty uses the opportunity to defend the director from a Truffaut quote that won't go away.
  • Elizabeth Berkley has worked hard to move beyond Showgirls - but as a Charles Isherwood anecdote reminds us, just speaking the title of that film in a Berkley-blurb propegates the damage.
  • A night out with the stars of My Summer of Love proves just how far Peter Bogdanovich's reputation has fallen.

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