This is the best film of the 1990s. It’s a unique and powerful example of the director’s medium, and it’s hard to believe any studio agreed to make it. Michael Tolkin has bragged about how FineLine thought they were getting a "biker movie" when they picked it up, and I remember seeing it for years in the seedy aisle of the video store, with a shot of Mimi Rogers in the throes of passion on the box-cover. It reminds me of Psycho - a B-movie crew, B-movie budget and B-movie production values, all thrown to the wind by a genius director who would prefer to make a masterpiece.

And B-movie marketing, of course. Audiences missed the film entirely in its minuscule 1991 release. The King was on board of course, and a few other critics, but it mostly fell under the radar and waited to be picked out of the Blockbuster-bin offal. A second life for the film may have begun, however, with a snazzy 2004 DVD and a renewed word-of-mouth among film fans.

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