Reader Emily has passed on a few more links re: artist Francesco Vizzoli's trailer for a remake of 70's soft-core masterpiece, Caligula. There are tons of photos at artnet, including images of stars Milla Jovovich, Helen Mirren and Gore Vidal. Actor Glenn Shadix has more photos on his blog, where he talks about his work in the film. Shadix suggests that Quentin Tarantino was cast as Caligula; as interesting as that sounds like it might be, every other source confirms that Courtney Love played the role. In his diary for ArtForum, David Rimanelli essentially makes it clear that the trailer is a stand-alone artwork (read: it advertises a feature that isn't going to be made), but still calls it Vizzoli's "best film to date." And, finally, Donatella Versace, who costumed stars as disperate as Benicio Del Toro and Karen Black (Karen Black!) for the project, discusses surmounting the challeges therein in VOGUE.
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