Will Christopher BaerI think this is an incredibly cool idea: movie-style promo trailers for books. I don't know if there have been others, but this trailer for Will Christopher Baer's Kiss Me, Judas is outstanding. It's in Italian (choose the "bassa risoluzione" option - the note says "If you want to live, call 911"), but you can pretty much get the gist of what the story is about (guy meets sexy girl in bar, has sex with her, ends up in bathtub with his kidney gone - a twist on the old urban legend). I've seen ads for video games before movies in theaters, but I like the trailer-for-book idea even better.

And if you haven't read Kiss Me, Judas, go get it now. It's a brilliant, brutal (but somehow beautiful) modern noir, the first in a trilogy (followed by Penny Dreadful and Hell's Half Acre). The movie version is in the works, and a comic will be released next summer.

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