Cruise gets squirtedYes, this is a post about Tom Cruise, but don't yell at me. Because this one doesn't have the name "Katie Holmes" in it. (Damn, I screwed that up already.) Anyway, Tom Cruise was in London for the premiere of War of the Worlds, and as he was answering questions with a reporter holding a microphone, he was suddenly squirted with a stream of water that seemed to come from the microphone itself. Cruise was a little stunned by it and kept asking the man "why would you do that...why would you do that?" The man tried to get away but Cruise told him not to run away, got a towel from someone, and four men were eventually arrested. Turns out they were filming a prank show for Channel 4. After the watering, Cruise continued to greet fans and sign autographs. (Click below for the great video footage that everyone will be talking about for the next few days.) 
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