I've been working on breaking my addiction to Page Six of late (hey, I've at least gotten to the stage where I can admit that I have a problem), so I missed this lil' item about Jennifer Lopez, director Gregory Nava, and a divatastic meltdown on the Mexican set of Bordertown. The rags reported that J. Lo (although, really, isn't she J, Ant now?) demanded that the low-budget production furnish her with a villa, a luxury trailer, and pay for the $10,000/day services of hairstylist Oribe. But as The Reeler points out, it's not just that "J-Lo is pissed off that Mexico is poor and dirty and that everybody laughs at her Uggs and that nobody will rent her a villa and nobody can find $10,000 a day for her hairdresser" - she's actually producing the film, which would usually (kinda? sorta?) give her the right to complain about how the budget was being spent without interference from the tabloids. Except she's trying to spend $10,000 a day on her hair, and that's totally worth making fun of under any circumstance.
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