• Lindsay Lohan is reportedly "fuming" that producers of Herbie: Fully Loaded moved a song she recorded for the film from a race scene to the closing credits. She told reporters that pushing herself to finish the recording led to her famed hospitalization for "exhaustion", before storming out to the bathroom to combat that exhaustion head on ...
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has filed charges in relation to the bottle-bashing incident last weekend at Rick Salomon's manse; assualt with a deadly weapon, he's calling it.
  • New York City Police have arrested a housekeeper for allegedly stealing from her wealthy clients, who included Isabella Rossellini and Robert DeNiro. Bobby DeNiro strikes me as NOT the person from whom one would want to steal.
  • Sharon Stone has been approached by PLAYBOY about doing a photoshoot before she turns 50. The Superficial is skeptical: "Not that she doesn't look decent for a 47-year old, it's just that I can't imagine there's a very big market for leather-skinned ice queens out there."
  • Paris Hilton's dog bit a producer for the TODAY show. Atta girl.
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