• Batman BeginsBatman Begins: thumbs up from both Roger ("...the fifth Batman movie but the first to get it right, to get it absolutely right") and Richard ("Director Christopher Nolan has fashioned a beautifully dark Gothic opera with terrific action scenes but it's also a very effective character study").
  • The Perfect Man: thumbs down from Roger ("oooo, I hated this movie...Heather Locklear's character is insane") and thumbs down from Richard ("Hilary Duff goes from smile to pout to smile...").
  • Me And You And Everyone We Know: thumbs up from Roger ("one of the year's treasures...a real discovery...one of the year's best films") and also from Richard ("a wonderful film").
  • Pure: two more thumbs up from both Roger ("a powerful movie") and Richard ("the kid [Henry Eden] is an amazing actor").
  • Heights: more thumbs up from both! Roger says "a good film...very interesting," and Richard says it's "a rich, interweaving story."
  • The Talent Given Us: OK, here's the first film they disagree on this week. Roger says it's "a strange and brilliant film," while Richard couldn't agree less: "I have to give this thumbs down...I couldn't stand [these people]...they were just obnoxious, whining, self-centered, petulent, annoying people!"
  • Layer Cake and Mad Hot Ballroom: two thumbs up (short reviews)
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