Who wrote the blurbs for Nicole Kidman's ITunes Celebrity Playlist - her daughter or her publicist? The intro sounds textbook publicist-bland: "My daughter and I chose these together because we always recommend music to each other ... The other songs are just a compilation of past and present favorites." Past and present favorites? What a revealing glimpse into the soul of this star! Okay, now take a look at the song-by-song breakdowns. For "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani, "Nicole" writes, "We like this song because Gwen rocks! She wears really great clothes and can dance! Her whole record is great!" No publicist would be that inept at feigning enthusiasm - and no one over the age of twelve would use that many exclamation marks. Check out a few of the other choice blurbs [iTunes required], and give us your verdict in the comments
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