• Selma Blair talksHellboy 2:  "I just did The Fog with Revolution, and I was trying to pick their brains for when Hellboy will go. Apparently [director] Guillermo [del Toro]'s supposed to hand in a script any minute. I know there will probably be a long preproduction, so we'll probably start maybe January 2007."
  • Ian McKellen on the Magneto movie: "Although I haven't actually signed the contract it is intended that I reprise Magneto in the 3rd X-Men movie. Shooting starts in September in Vancouver, where I shall join the cast after completing my work on Da Vinci Code."
  • The cover art for the Fantasic Four movie sountrack is now online.
  • They've releasedStar Wars USB memory keys in Japan. Why do they get all the cool stuff?
  • The Mallrats 10th Anniversary DVD goes on sale September 20th.
  • You're just driving down the road... wait, there's Batman! Who's got a camera phone? QUICK!
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