It began with The Hours in 2002, and the faux proboscis she wore. Three years later, she's starring in Bewitched as a witch who conjures up spells by twitching her nose. It has suddenly become clear to me that Nicole Kidman likes choosing roles that center around her nose.

It seems strange to choose your roles based on a single body part, but Nicole understands better than anyone that her nose is filled with box office gold, as well as cartilage and mucous. I imagine she has only begun, and that we will see more and more movies based around her adorable honker. I just wonder if people in the future will appreciate that part of her face as much as we do, or will she be a decrepit has-been screaming from her wheelchair to no one particular: "This nose put you through college you ungrateful brat! Get on your pathetic knees and praise the one thing that has ever given your life meaning! I own this nose, and this nose owns you! Where the hell is my vodka!?" It's something she might want to consider.

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